At Orbis, we specialise in helping corporates and institutions manage their foreign exchange exposure more effectively and efficiently.

We put your transfers first at Orbis Exchange Group.

Our experienced team of account managers are on hand to provide expert support and insight whether you’re transferring online or over the phone.

Book your trade

Book your desired currency with your dedicated trader, over the phone or through our online portal.

Your Funds

Send/Receive your funds into client-segregated, ring fenced, accounts held with Barclays Bank PLC.

Set Beneficiary

Set the beneficiary’s details with your trader or through the online portal. (this will be stored on file to make your next trade even quicker!)


Receive/send your exchanged currency.

Our Solutions

International Payment

Make payments to more than 180 countries.

Types of Trade

SPOT trades, Forward Contracts for up to 3 years, Market Orders to achieve target rates and more.

Currency Conversions

Convert more than 100 currency pairs and settle major currencies same day.

Collection Accounts

(EUROPE, USA, CANADA) – Local Collections gives you a ready-made solution to speed up collecting money in the US, the UK, the Eurozone, and Canada, expanding your international payments capabilities.


Our Solutions To You

We do not add on any fees, you will pay the agreed quote and we will forward the payment on for you.  

Opening an account is done via our online application form, this is free and doesn’t tie you into using us.  

All client funds are safeguarded in ring-fenced client accounts within Barclays Bank PLC, so in the unlikely event of any financial difficulty – client funds will be protected and returned to the client. 

Yes, we have a real-time GPI Tracking function built into the system so if you have sent your payment via SWIFT, we can see exactly where your funds are at from the second you set up a payment.  

Yes, you will be assigned a dedicated trader with many years of experience who will help manage your FX exposure with all the currency tools we have to offer. We use tools such as Forwards, Limit Orders, Stop-Loss Orders, Order Cancels Orders and many more.